1991-2000DocumentaryMarcin KoszalkaPolandShort Film

Marcin Koszalka – Takiego pieknego syna urodzilam AKA Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to (2000)

Taking the example of his own family, Marcin Koszałka depicts the hell of everyday family existence. Koszałka’s mother, who loves her adult son dearly, torments him with a constant flow of grudges and complaints on account of his being a moron, nonentity and professional student, who finally managed to pass the entrance exam to the faculty of cinematography, and who, due to the lack of imagination, walks about the house with the camera and shoots anything he comes across. Right after its release, the film caused a lot of stir, today the film is considered a classic among Polish documentaries.

437MB | 25m 06s | 694×572 | mkv


Subtitles:English hard subs

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