Norifumi Suzuki – Torakku yarô: Totsugeki ichiban hoshi AKA Trucker Yaro VII: Another Odyssey of Momojiro (1978)

“Truck Yaro films usually repeat the same patterns again and again in almost every instalment. It may sound boring but it actually works out great and it’s a series trademark. You always know what to expect from the plot. Bunta is gonna fall in love and see stars but in the end he never gets the girl, Kinya is gonna forget his kids’ names, Bunta visits the bath house and bring gifts for the girls, later he has a comic fight sequence at a restaurant, usually against a rivaly truck driver… But Totsugeki Ichiban-boshi is a weird bird. The opening alone is, well, very weird. There’s also no rivalry driver, no probles with the kids’ names (they don’t even appear in the film, except in a photo) and no bath house scene… wait, did I say no topless bath house girls? Yeah, I did. But that sector gets taken care of when it later turns out that Kinya’s new lady friend Mary is a stripper by profession.
Another thing I want to mention is that Totsugeki Ichiban-boshi features some of my favourite female actors in the series. Bunta Sugawara’s love interest is plaed by Mieko Harada (who also appeared in Shinji Somai’s Tonda Couple) and Kinya Aikawa meets the lovely Ako Nakamura…

2.23GB | 1h 42m | 1024×426 | mkv–_Norifumi_Suzuki.mkv

Subtitles:English,Russian (muxed)

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