Philip Brophy1981-1990AustraliaExperimentalHorror

Philip Brophy – Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat (1988)

Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat takes us on a relentless odyssey into the banalities of everyday life. Its a film about the body. Eating, excreting, sex, violence, masturbation and terror. The voyueristic camera lewdly follows Phillip Dean, an extraordinarily ordinary office worker, to the office, to the toilet, to the same French restaurant every night and finally to bed.

The film depicts the body as an all consuming machine which has its basis in… moisture; the consumption of and the ejaculation of, in the forms of salt, saliva, sperm and sweat…

699MB | 47m 07s | 672×496 | avi


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  1. Magnificent! Thank you admin.

    What a litmus test of a film this is. Some find it disgusting, while others are aroused. Some find it unbearably grim, while others laugh. Everyone squirms.

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