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Rosette, Eric Rohmer – Les aventures de Rosette AKA Rosette par Rosette AKA The Adventures of Rosette [+Extra] (1982-1987)

A series of five stories told by Rosette about her vacation.

Rosette wrote:
“In the early 80’s, I started shooting Rosette’s adventures in Super 8. They were vacation films made in complete freedom with a family of friends I met in Eric’s world (Arielle, Pascal, Marie, Amanda, Béatrice, Virginie, François-Marie…). Eric, who had a camera, took care of the image and this allowed him to practice while having fun, sometimes he even played a small role. This lightness inspired him, I believe, for films like Le rayon vert or Quatre aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle.”

Episode 1: Rosette sort le soir
Episode 2: Rosette prend sa douche
Episode 3: Rosette vend des roses
Episode 4: Rosette cherche une chambre
Episode 5: Rosette vole les voleurs
Extra: Françoise Etchegaray raconte son travail avec Éric Rohmer (no subs)



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