1971-1980Anthony SpinelliEroticaExploitationUSA

Anthony Spinelli – Touch Me (1971)

A group of young couples and other singles arrive at an experimental ‘encounter group’ to try and solve their sexual hangups. Anything goes and everyone tries something new. Fun fact: Academy Award winning editor Michael Kahn’s third thing he ever edited! Various young people have assembled to discuss and try to resolve their sexual issues. The setting is the private home of a doctor who administers the therapies. There’s the guy who is insecure about his penis size. There’s another guy who harbors rape fantasies. There’s a bickering couple and a wife who is rather frigid and of course, the prerequisite lesbian who feels compelled to get “cured” but ends up adding a few numbers of straight women to her black book. The sex here is more clinical-both cinematically and in a literal sense as everyone learns to shed their inhibitions and express and enact their wildest fantasies.

1.38GB | 1h 18m | 720×480 | mkv



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