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Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic – Murina (2021) (HD)

Julija (Gracija Filipović) and her parents, Ante (Leon Lučev) and Nela (Danica Čurčić), live on a remote island along Croatia’s Adriatic coast. The film spans a weekend in the family’s life, during which Ante invites an old friend, Javier (Cliff Curtis), to their home and attempts to convince Javier to purchase their land and develop a luxe resort on it. The weekend quickly goes south when old resentments and familial tensions flare up.

Julija, characterized as a quiet but independent teenager, watches her parents undertake preparations for Javier’s visit with an air of disinterest, only participating when asked. She is an avid swimmer and spearfisher, who is most often portrayed wearing only a one-piece swimsuit, and throughout the weekend often retreats to the ocean.

After watching Javier and Nela flirt during a seaside excursion, Julija learns that her mother and Javier had a romantic relationship, and that Javier at one time intended to marry Nela. She presses Nela to pursue a renewed connection with Javier so that the two of them can leave Ante, who domineers over the family—but Nela refuses, saying that “as soon as he boards the plane,” Javier will forget about them.

The tension between the four comes to a head at a party for Javier the night before he’s meant to leave. Ante instructs Julija not to attend or to cause problems, and locks her in a closed-off section of the family home. Julija escapes by using a hatch in the floor to cave dive with a flashlight, and swimming to the site of the party. There, she and Ante clash.

After the party, Javier leaves the island the next morning without closing the real estate deal. Ante and Julija prepare to go spearfishing, something they did together often before the events of the weekend. As Julija swims behind her father, she aims the speargun at him. She fires but misses. Julija and her father surface and look at each other. Julija swims away.

4.32GB | 1h 35m | 1280×536 | mkv


Language:Multiple Languages (Mainly Croatian & English)
Subtitles:English (SRT and SUP muxed as optional)

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