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Éric Rohmer – Catherine de Heilbronn (1980)

Eric Rohmer’s mostly faithful staging of Heinrich von Kleist’s play Käthchen von Heilbronn. It was taped in 1979 at the Theatre des Amandiers, Nanterre for broadcast on French TV. After Die Marquise von O…, this is Rohmer’s second Kleist adaptation, and it features a lot of familiar faces in the Rohmersphere.

The movie/play is set in medieval Germany, and has some fantastical elements a bit like Rohmer’s Perceval. The plot: ” The count Wetter von Stahl (Pascal Greggory) is accused of having bewitched Catherine (Pascale Ogier), the daughter of the armourer of Heilbronn. The count tries to exonerate himself by interrogating the young woman…”

4.96GB | 2h 17m | 932×720 | mkv



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