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Gyula Maár – Déryné, hol van? AKA Mrs. Dery Where Are You? (1975)

Mrs. Dery Where Are You? (Hungarian: Déryné hol van?) is a 1975 Hungarian drama film directed by Gyula Maár. It was entered into the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, where Mari Törőcsik won the award for Best Actress and the movie was nominated for Palme d’Or award.

Dery (Mari Torcsik) is a grande dame actress of the Sarah Bernhardt school of big-gesture theater. Her beauty and popularity is fading, and a new school of acting which involves the use of one’s own emotions (a-la Eleanora Duse) is emerging in the person of her younger Viennese rival. She thinks of retiring from the stage, and reunites briefly with her estranged husband in a newly-built manor in the country. Finding that life there is boring, she returns to town, the theater, and her old friends. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

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