Helga Fanderl – Konstellationen AKA Constellations (2013)

“By editing in the camera every subject matter finds a cinematic form and rhythm of its own. Transforming fragments of real life experience in a specific moment and place, every individual film is complete in itself and reflects the process of its creation. Programming my short films in new configurations is a very important part of my artistic practice, in accord with the way the films are created. As within each individual film, time is structured and rhythms are created within each composed series of films. One could characterize each program as one possible temporary ‘montage’, exemplifying essential aspects of the whole body of work. The interplay of different films evokes all kinds of correspondences and contrasts as it evokes an intense filmic cosmos in which one can easily loose the normal notion of time and space.” (Helga Fanderl)

634MB | 31m 30s | 670×480 | mkv



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