1931-1940CrimeDramaLambert HillyerUSA

Lambert Hillyer – Girl from Rio (1939)

This is a fun one, nothing very unexpected and definitely no ‘film noir,’ but if you are into a decently acted torch-songstress adventure this is a good pick. Marquita is an up-and-comer on the Rio club scene but has to back-burner her career for a trip up to New York (where nobody’s heard of her) in order to clear her dancer brother of a murder frame-up.

Maria “Movita” Casteneda, married to Marlon Brando for a couple years in the early sixties and mother of two of his children, seems to have had a pretty rocky career until she got older and landed a gig on ‘Knots Landing,’ which I’ll admit I never watched. She does a good job here, with a toothy smile to die for and an uneven but probably semi-genuine Spanish accent (hard to find where her early education came from, but it’s widely noted that she was “Mexican-American”, born on a train between Mexico and Arizona).

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