1981-1990ArthouseFranceMarie-Claude TreilhouShort Film

Marie-Claude Treilhou – Archipel des amours (segment 9): Lourdes, l’hiver (1983)

Archipel des amours is a collection of nine short films by Paul Vecchiali and eight other filmmakers associated with his company Diagonale. Each of the films in this collection presents an intimate situation complicated by the kinks and jinxes that prevent or forestall the consummations and satisfactions of love. The segments’ would-be lovers are thereby isolated from one another as if each were an island unto her- or himself. In the anthology form, the films are sometimes connected by brief shots of a shore of an unknown insular coast and/or the sounds of waves lapping again the piers.

90MB | 8m 37s | 640×432 | avi



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