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Roberta Findlay – A Woman’s Torment (1977)

An interesting blend of a Psycho inspired slasher with a hardcore sex film, A Woman Tormented is actually a pretty excellent movie. Tara Chung steals the show as Karen, the woman with deep psychological problems who is very much a ‘black widow’ who does in every man who crosses her path. She gives an inspired performance, and we’re actually able to believe that she is as messed up as the story would like us to think, as she curls into the fetal position in the shower to avoid the voices she knows she shouldn’t listen to. Seeing her masturbate with almost self destructive glee after giving in to her bloodlust and returning to the shower to clean herself off solidifies her state for us, and we know she’s completely off her rocker.

The cinematography is lush and appropriately melodramatic, focusing as much on the waves crashing against the shore and the loneliness of the location as on the sex, though it doesn’t skimp there either. As with The Tiffany Minx, the film is an interesting and genuinely engrossing thriller as much as it is a porno film. Be that because it was directed by a woman and therefore shot with a different sexual being behind the camera than your average male porn peddler or be it because Findlay wanted to make a real movie, it’s a very well made movie with tension, intrigue, drama, and of course, sex.

+Commentary by Director Roberta Findlay

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  1. This must have been a daring film in its time – yet the horror doesn’t go ‘all the way’ and the sex doesn’t either. I did not listen to the commentary but it looks as if this is a soft-core cut variation of what may have had more explicit sex scenes. Other than a bit of female frontal nudity, this is FAR from X-rated material. It would be interesting to see that version – not just for the ‘naughty bits’ – we can find porn anywhere these days, but it’s an interesting artifact of the cinema of the day when they made a few attempts to blend REAL sex with REAL movies, rather than just for the grindhouse crowd.

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