1991-2000ActionAsianJapanTakashi Ishii

Takashi Ishii – Kuro no tenshi Vol. 2 AKA Black Angel Vol. 2 (1999)

Takashi Ishii’s Black Angel 2 follows a beautiful hit-woman on her descent into alcoholism and self-loathing. The first act is an unsurprising retread of numerous assassin/gangster flicks. When Ishii changes gears some will find themselves engaged; others will find it a deeply uncomfortable watch. The depiction of rape is potentially troubling but Ishii’s women are ultimately shown to be more powerful than their aggressors. It’s an uneven film but occasionally it borders on truly bravura film-making, with a handful of masterful scenes. Challenging, little seen and sharing only it’s title with the inferior original.

This sequel to the first “Black Angel” can be watched without any prior knowledge to the first as the only connection they share is different hit-women who take the moniker of the Black Angel. Mayo, the Black Angel in this film, has orders from cross-dressing Mama (Shingo Tsurumi from “Freeze Me”) to kill a powerful Yakuza syndicate leader, but doesn’t get the job done because one of his bodyguards is the same man who saved her from a rape years prior, whom she has feelings for.
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