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Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi – Inventario balcanico + Nocturne (2000)

Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi are filmmakers of the resistance. They don’t want to convince at all costs, but rather aim at inducing a productive sense of dout, leading to a dialectic between present and past, there and elsewhere, truth and lies, ideology and history. Like Godard, the Gianikians have a solid belief in the ontological power of the image, in its radiant permanence. (…) If their films are formally superb, the Gianikians are part of that category of filmmakers of splendor, who use this as a dialectical means, rather than as an aim on itself. It’s also in this regard that they are political filmmakers. Like all great cineastes, the Gianikians learn us to look anew. They are worried poets, who compose their films with scraps from the past to throw a stronger light on the present. (Frédéric Bonnaud) Inventario Balcanico: Images of the Balkans, coming from diverse Yugoslav communities.

Nocturne (1997)

Nocturne est une vidéo composée de fragments de voyages en ex-Yougoslavie. Chaque fragment a un rapport avec la nuit. Yervant Gianikian et Angela Ricci Lucchi ont confronté trois corps d’images. Le premier de Sarajevo (janvier 1995), le second de Belgrade (mai 1996) et le troisième de Zagreb (le début des années 80) où ils ont récupéré les restes d’une pellicule de film tournée après la Première Guerre Mondiale, liant dans ses images une allégorie de douleur et de violence.

658MB | 1h 20m | 448×336 | avi



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