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Alain Gomis – Rewind & Play (2022)

The lack of respect with which the Black musician Thelonious Monk was treated in Autumn, 1969. At the end of his European tour, legendary jazz musician Thelonious Monk appears on an interview show in Paris for French state television.

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  1. Wonderful Xmas gift! thank you so much!
    At that time, I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing! I was 11 years old, it was an enlightenment. I still have the tape, you know, large format, my father had the great idea to record the program. Now I still play Monk’s themes with my King20 alto saxophone (taking choruses on Monk’s themes? that’s another story! You have to be called Rouse or Griffin! lol !!) Thanks again!

    ps : I encourage everyone to record this video and see a unique genius at work! !! A great unforgettable experience!

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