2001-2010CanadaGiles WalkerMysteryThriller

Giles Walker – Blind Terror (2001)

From the back cover-
A young widow’s pain and grief finally fades after meeting a charming and handsome man who helps her to forget her past. But everything begins to go terribly wrong when it’s discovered that Mr Right hides a deadly secret from his own past.

Immediately after her whirlwind romance culminates in marriage Kevin Massie, Susan Brice (Natassja Kinski 😉 ) becomes the object of a stalker. What at first appears to be nothing more than a voyeur, frighteningly becomes an obsessed psychopath bent on murder. Susan’s nightmare begins with ominous phone messages and petty vandalism, but quickly escalates into life threatening situations.

Searching for answers as to who would want her dead, the frightened Susan soon discovered that it may be the work of Kevin’s former lover. With the police stymied in their efforts to track down this spurned ex-girlfriend, Susan turns to a private investigator, who quickly uncovers the truth as to who wants Susan dead.

But before he can warn his client of imminent danger, he is found brutally murdered. Susan is terrified by this mystery killer, but inevitably discovers a fate more shocking than anything she had imagined, this taut psycho-thriller climaxes with a terrifying confrontation where death, revenge and deceit are exposed from a dark past.

1.45GB | 1h 30m | 698×572 | mkv



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