1971-1980DramaJack GoldThe Wednesday Play & Play for TodayTVUnited Kingdom

Jack Gold – Play for Today: A Walk in the Forest (1980)

‘These refuseniks have all been denied visas to go to Israel. Some are in prison, others are suffering KGB harassment even as I speak… the point of asking you here is to find ways of mounting a barrage of publicity in the media. To act as horseflies, if you like, on the Kremlin’s rump.’

Written by Jeremy Paul. Extracts from prison diaries by Edward Kuznetsov were the inspiration for this play.

Cast includes John Alderton, Lynn Farleigh, Paul Freeman, Sara Kestelman, John Bird, Carl Duering, Derek Smyth, and Denyse Alexander.

1.40GB | 1h 34m | 744×576 | mkv



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