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Michael Winterbottom – Go Now (1995)

A poignant, touching tale of a young man afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis, Go Now suffers little of the sentimentality which often overwhelms television dramas dealing with illness and disability – which writer Jimmy McGovern contemptuously describes as ‘wheelchair plays’. This, and the unusually authentic feel, owes much to the fact that McGovern’s co-writer, newcomer Paul Henry Powell, is himself a sufferer of MS, and based the drama on his own experiences.
Broadcast in the same short series of contemporary love stories that produced the controversial ecstasy romance Loved Up, the drama takes time to build up the romance between builder and amateur footballer Nick and hotel administrator Karen before charting Nick’s descent into illness. The early scenes establish Nick as a man defined by his physical activity – in his sport, his job and his sexuality – which makes his physical deterioration all the more difficult for him to accept.
The writers and director Michael Winterbottom (who, like star Robert Carlyle, had previously worked with McGovern on Cracker), largely provided by Nick’s salt-of-the-earth mates, including the then little-known, pre-Cold Feet James Nesbitt as best mate Tony. _screenonline.org.uk_

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