Peter Ho-Sun Chan – Wu xia AKA Swordsmen AKA Dragon (2011)

A quiet villager survives an attack by thugs miraculously — or is there more to this humble villager than meets the eye? The miraculous feat draws the attention of a detective with a keen eye. The villager is a hero in the eyes of his family and the townsfolk, but the detective won’t let the matter rest. Further investigation reveals a startling past that the villager wants to leave behind. So too does the investigator have a past he wishes he could forget. Soon the lives and the roles of the villager and the detective blur as each man does what he feels he must.

2.80GB | 1h 54m | 1024×436 | mkv–_Peter_Ho-Sun_Chan.mkv

Subtitles:English,Russian (muxed)

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