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Aco Petrovski – Tenda AKA Shelter (1955)

The film describes the life of the last Macedonian nomadic ethnic group, so called Karakachani. In 18th century, their ancestors, ants of the Traco-Illyrian, leaded by Papucoroshi, as a result of the Turkish oppression withdrew from Gramos, passing through the Macedonian mountains. They settled the surroundings of the mountain Osogovo, particularly the village Vrbica, in Kochani’s district. Nowadays, they can be seen dressed in black, on market days through the towns of Eastern Macedonia. They are also known as Armany, Karavlachs, Cyncary, Crnoguncy and Vlachs, as they call themselves. In spring, before they leave on their nomadic trip with the flocks of sheep, at first they fleece the sheep and make various handmade products for domestic use.During their stay in the mountains, they are occupied with milk production and manufacturing. They live quiet and heavy nomadic life, moving themselves from one pasture to another with their whole equipment. They spend the winter period in the warmer districts, along the valley of the Vardar River. Also the film describes their habits, ethnic customs, actually – their whole way of life.

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