1971-1980AustriaClaus PeymannDramaPerformance

Claus Peymann – Thomas Bernhard: Die Jagdgesellschaft AKA The Hunting Party (1974)

Thomas Bernhard’s “Die Jagdgesellschaft”
Directed by Claus Peymann
Recorded in 1974 at Burgtheater Vienna

The bark-beetle has invaded the big forest of the general, just as a fatal illness has into the body of its owner. The general is suffering from eye cataract, preventing him from seeing the symptoms of the trees’ decline, just as he is unable to see his own rottening. His wife and the writer discuss these circumstances for two scenes, until the general discovers the fact himself in the third one. Now he is going to take appropriate action.
“The actors this evening were of peerless mastery. It’s impossible to imagine a better realization of this piece!” Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper

1.68GB | 1h 54mn | 702×574 | mkv



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