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David Greene – Vanishing Act (1986)

From the back cover:

Elliott Gould, Margot Kidder and Mike Farrell star in this clever and wry mystery-thriller reminiscent of such Hitchcock high-adventures as “Vertigo” and “North by Northwest.”
Set in a Rocky Mountain ski resort, honeymooning Harry Kenyon (Farrell) reports his wife Chris is missing to the idiosyncratic police chief, Lt. Rudameyer (Gould). Unexpectedly, Mrs. Kenyon turns up in the company of a priest named Father M acklin (Fred Gwynne), from whom she says she sought solace after an argument with her husband. But the startled Kenyon claims that this woman (Kidder) is not his wife. Maybe she’s not, but th efacts convince Rudameyer that she is an that Kenyon is off his rocker. Is she really his wife? If she’s not, what is she up to? The answers li in a series of plot twists in this brilliantly acted and cleverly written thriller.

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