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Gerd Kroske – Kehraus, wieder (2006)

Last of a trilogy

“KEHRAUS, Again” was made in 2006, another ten years have passed since the last film and Stefan and Marlen are no longer alive. Gabi makes it through and her now grown-up children are faced with the realities of their own childhood. Henry and Marion have settled in. The grandchild generation has already been placed in foster families. “You live like this…”

“The film has become an “unintentional” – never actually planned – long-term observation, because I wished for a happy ending with every film. Reality has produced this stuff in 16 years.” G.K.

“KEHRAUS, wieder” is the filmic conclusion of a Leipzig KEHRAUS trilogy.
1990, at night on the streets of Leipzig: street sweepers clean up what nobody needed anymore. “(“KEHRAUS “, 1990) Besides a lot of other garbage, also worn election posters. End time mood spread. What was to come after the GDR sounded promising, but was still incomprehensible. The three street sweepers Gabi, Henry and Stefan have always fluctuated between the poles in their curricula vitae: children’s home, prison, occasional work in city cleaning. In 1996 nobody of the three swept the streets of Leipzig any more.
They commute fragilely between social services, pub and dwelling. Always remains a remainder, something that does not open… (“KEHREIN, KEHRAUS “, 1996/97)

DVD Source: Absolut, region free, DVD5
DVD Format: PAL
DVD Audio: German Mono
Program: Rup it
Menus: Removed
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
DVD extras: none



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