György Pálfi2011-2020HungarySci-Fi

György Pálfi – His Master’s Voice (2018)

A young man searches for his father after he disappears while working on a highly classified project for the United States government that involves extraterrestrials.

György Pálfi’s multimedia sci-fi stew is loosely inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s philosophical novel, and it’s a richly indecipherable collage.

1.95GB | 1h 47mn | 1280×720 | mkv’s_Voice)_-_Gyoorgy_Paalfi_(2018_Hungary).mkvłos_Pana_(His_Master’s_Voice)_-_György_Pálfi_(2018_Hungary)
Głołos_Pana_(His_Master’s_Voice)_-_György_Pálfi_(2018_Hungary)” ta


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