1961-1970AnimationCzech RepublicKarel ZemanSci-Fi

Karel Zeman – Na komete AKA On The Comet (1970)

When a comet passes the earth very closely, it pulls a small part of North Africa with it. Carried along is a bunch of people. Among them Angelika, who just escaped from a ruthless weapon dealer’s ship, and her two brothers, who are searching her. Then there’s a group of natives, who plan a rebellion against the French colonists. All these conflicts become secondary when the people finally realize that they are doomed to live together on an alien planet. However this time of peace and world-happiness won’t last for long…
(Tom Zoerner, imdb)

1.19GB | 1h 17m | 710×416 | mkv


Subtitles:English muxed

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  1. I’ve come to really appreciate the work of Zeman. He was fairly unique in his career, particularly as regards immense creativity and self-sufficiency in finding his own path to spfx work, despite quite modest budgetary limitations. (Check out titles like Baron Prasil, a version of which story Terry Gilliam later took a good crack at.) I can’t speak to the reception back then, but today it seems charming.

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