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Lars von Trier & Morten Arnfred – Riget II AKA The Kingdom II (1994) (HD)

This second series ended with even more questions unanswered than the first, and a third series was planned. However, due to the death in 1998 of Ernst-Hugo Järegård (who played Stig Helmer) and the subsequent deaths of Kirsten Rolffes (Mrs Drusse) and Morten Rotne Leffers who played the male dishwasher, the likelihood of a third series is now very remote. Von Trier actually wrote the third and final season, but the production was not picked up by DR. At that point, five regular cast members had died and it seemed impossible to continue the series. The abandoned scripts were sent to the producers of Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital, but it is unclear whether they used the scripts or not.

20.80GB | 4h 55mn | 1920×1080 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish

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  1. Well the third and the last season of the kingdom III (Exodus) made by Lars von Trier is now available on the streaming platform Viaplay.

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