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Laurence Moody – Play for Today: It Could Happen to Anybody (1984)

Set in Greenock, and written by Greenock-born writer Hugh McManus, the play tells the tragic tale of the effects of alcoholism and violence on the family of Jean McLeod.

Two of Jean’s children are taken into care, and her husband Jim believes in beating her up every night. Still she tries to hold her family together – and then something happens which makes her snap and fight back.

The play was shown at the other side of that night’s BBC News from a BBC2 documentary about the Royal school of Gordonstoun. It is situated at the other end of Scotland, but just one look at Greenock would make you think that it’s at the opposite end of the Earth.

This one captures the despair of a bleak and disintegrating town well, and if you watch Leaving (Screen Two) you can see how the writers portray the town at different times. In the 50s there is hope, and in the 80s there is no future. Forty years on, the only thing that’s changed is the haircuts.

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