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Mai Zetterling – Flickorna AKA The Girls (1968) (HD)

A theater company rehearses Aristophanes play “Lysistrata” in which the Athenian women revolt to force the men to suspend the war and make peace. The three leading female actresses, Liz, Marianne and Gunilla, all live in humiliating circumstances to their men.

Alternating between Grecian theatrics and dreamlike wanderings, Mai Zetterling’s take on Lysistrata is a frank, funny, and introspective glimpse into the lives of three actresses, whose romantic experiences intersect with the themes of the play as they are performing it on tour. Through internal monologues, fanciful dream sequences, readings from the text, and slice of life moments, the film expounds upon its themes of patriarchal traditions in the supposedly “modern” age as well as the idea of passive vs active consumption of culture. It’s not exactly subtle in its gender politics but the earnest performances, stylish visuals, and almost playful construction made for an enjoyable and thought-provoking watch.(Alex Kittle, letterboxd)

13.6GB | 1h 40m | 1792×1080 | mkv




  1. hi! it seems the file for this film has expired. i wonder if it would be possible for it to be reuploaded? thank you in advance!

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