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Michael Bradwell – Play for Today: Hard Feelings (1984)

A drama set around the terrifying Brixton riots of 1981 and how the civil riots affected the lives of a group of people living there is the subject of the Play for Today episode Hard Feelings.

The action centres on a house shared by four Oxford graduates – girls Viv and Jane, and their male companions Rusty and Baz.

The black sheep of the household is Jane, busily studying for her forthcoming law exams, who does not fit in with the night-clubbing and free living style of the others, who are hell-bent on having fun. Viv turns against her and eventually manages to also set up conflict between the men and the bewildered Jane.

The catalyst which forces a dramatic shake-up in all the relationships is the frightening eruption of street violence which threw Brixton into the headlines at that time. Another factor also comes into play – the arrival at the house of Jane’s new boyfriend Tone, a radical journalist.

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