1921-1930DramaMikhail DoroninUzbekistan

Mikhail Doronin – Ikichi khanum AKA Vtoraya Zhena AKA The Second Wife (1927)

“Cinema, Nation, and Empire in Uzbekistan, 1919-1937” by Cloé Drieu
The Second Wife (Rus. Vtoraia Zhena, Uzb. Ikichi khanum) by Mikhail Doronin (Uzbekkino, 1927)

Adolat (R. Messerer) lives happily with her mother and father, leading a joyous life alongside her best friend, Qumri, who is later happily married to Umar. But this happiness comes to an end the day she is given in marriage as a second wife to the wealthy merchant Taji Bai (G. Chechelashvili), whose first wife Khadija (M. Grineva) is infertile. After this marriage, Adolat gives birth to a daughter, Saodat (Zh. Voynova). The first wife decides to take revenge and manages to persuade Taji Bai that Adolat is lazy and careless. One day when Taji Bai is away from home, his brother Sadyqbay (M. Doronin), who likes young boys (bacha), takes advantage of Taji Bai’s absence to steal money to buy a ring for a young adolescent who has taken his fancy. Sadyqbay encounters Adolat when carrying out this theft and tries to abuse her. The husband discovers the theft and wrongly accuses Adolat, who flees to her parents. Taji Bai brings her back and confines her. The weather is turning cold, and Adolat is provided with a stove to keep warm. The room catches fire and Adolat dies from asphyxiation.

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Subtitles:English,Russian intertitles

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