2001-2010DramaItalyRoberta Torre

Roberta Torre – Angela (2002)

Unlike most films in the Mafia genre, Angela shows Mafia life purely from the female perspective. Angela is married to the mob and her husband Saro (Mario Pupella) runs a shoe shop, which is a front for a drugs operation. Angela participates in her husband’s business by delivering drugs disguised in shoeboxes. But to the men in her life she is eternally on the sidelines and is trapped in a world of drudgery and limitation until Masino (Andrea di Stefano) appears and turns her world on its head. Ingratiating herself to Saro, he forms a more dangerous liaison with Angela. Both are aware this affair threatens to put their livelihoods and more importantly their lives in danger. As passion simmers and threatens to explode, events spiral slowly out of control. (Optimum Releasing)

1.39GB | 1h 27m | 714×572 | mkv



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