2001-2010Aleksandr RastorguevArthouseDocumentaryRussia

Aleksandr Rastorguev – Chistyy chetverg AKA Maundy Thursday (2003)

Film offers an unexpected perspective on the everyday life of Russian soldiers during the Chechen war. Not far from Grozny, an old steam locomotive and several wagons standing on the reserve tracks have been converted into a camp bathhouse where the soldiers wash their clothes. In conditions of war, the bathing room takes on a special meaning. It is both a piece of peaceful life and a camp. At the same time, the bathhouse on wheels symbolizes the beginning of a new road. It is an occasion to wash not only the body but also the soul, because everyone who has been through the bitterness of war will return home a completely different person…

213MB | 45m 12s | 640×480 | mkv



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