1931-1940CrimeFranceGeorges LacombeMysteryYves Mirande

Yves Mirande & Georges Lacombe – Derrière la Façade AKA Behind the Facade (1939)

Two rival police inspectors, Boucheron and Baumer, investigate the murder of the owner of a well-to-do apartment block. Madame Mathieu has been found stabbed to death in the lift, and there is no shortage of suspects. The murder weapon is a knife which belongs to a resident knife thrower, Picking, and which is found in the room of a kleptomaniac, Corbeau. No sooner have these two suspects been arrested than a young bank clerk, André, confesses – not to the murder but to defrauding his employer. Could the murderer be the sinister Eric, who is revealing his nasty character during a game of cards? Could it be the unscrupulous Alfredo, a classy crook who abuses women? Or could it be the son of the respectable Président Bernier, eager to repay his father for having a mistress? As they delve deeper into the private lives of the dead woman’s tenants, Boucheron and Baumer make more than a few surprising discoveries. But will they solve the crime..?

Un crime a été commis dans un ascenseur. La police enquête et pénètre dans l’intimité des différents locataires, soumettant tout l’immeuble à un interrogatoire en règle, et tombant généralement au milieu d’une scène de ménage. L’enquête fait resurgir un certain nombre de petites histoires que les locataires auraient préféré garder secrètes…

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