1971-1980ExperimentalFranceKaterina ThomadakiMaria Klonaris

Maria Klonaris & Katerina Thomadaki – Double Labyrinthe (1976)

“A quest for identity through a series of disguises that do not involve costumes but gestures, materials and objects. The theorem of cross-dressing: by superimposing a different behavior, one that is socially defined, in the middle of everyday life, subjects search for the most intimate layers of their identity. In this sense, their relationships with materials, gestures and objects function as instances of exploratory “acting out”.An intercorporeal study in two parts, carried out entirely by two women in search of their own mental structure, their own poetics, their own language. One films the other. Katerina’s inner space assumed by herself and watched/filmed by Maria. Maria’s inner space assumed by herself and watched/filmed by Katerina.
Interchangeable functions. An attempt to overcome the classic subject/object, act/transcribe, see/be seen dichotomies.
The camera as an extension of the body, the eye that touches.
Transformation of signs, intuitive but conscious.
A sequence of images, spontaneous but structured.
Improvised, but not random, behavior.
The extreme slowness of interior time.
The auditory void as a mental and temporal dimension.
The materialization of the concept through the body, which takes over the semantic function at the expense of the word.
Emergence of a counter-verbal/counter-rational/counter-cultural language.
The body and the female mind: for a different definition of the relationship between the unconscious, the senses and communication.”
— M.K.- K.T.

814MB | 47m 41s | 718×572 | mkv



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