1961-1970DramaItalyMauro Bolognini

Mauro Bolognini – Un bellissimo novembre AKA That Splendid November (1969)

The story is set in a manor farm on the slopes of Etna near Catania, at the beginning of November, during some days of vacation that are the occasion for a family of the Sicilian bourgeoisie to come together.
Nino is a restless teenager of seventeen, who harbors an unbridled love passion for Cettina, the sister of his mother. The woman, who is married and mature, partly reciprocates the attention of his nephew Nino, but at the same time is interested in an associate of her husband, Sasà, young and handsome. The husband seems to push her toward the partner for the sake of convenience.
Cettina, conscious of the attention of Nino, provokes him with some attitudes, until one night she gives herself to him (and Nino says: “You, who are of my family, you have to be the first.”).
But the woman is not going to change her way of life, and a few days later Nino surprises her in a little house in the countryside while making love with Sasà. When the uncle’s associate is gone, leaving alone Cettina, Nino enters and slaps her.
At the end of the film the boy marries his cousin Giulietta, his same age, but speaking with the fiery aunt he understands that, however, their meetings may continue.

1.80GB | 1h 29mn | 674×574 | mkv



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