2001-2010DramaFantasyGreecePanos H. Koutras

Panos H. Koutras – Alithini zoi AKA Real Life (2004)

Aris, 27 years old, returns home after a long journey… His mother, an eccentric and lonely woman lives together with her secretary, Sylvia and her loyal gardener mute Christos. Her house is famous not only for its view in Acropolis but also for his pool: the deepest in Europe. Determined to leave behind his past and start a new life, Aris, will search the secret of his youth, he will fall in love with a poor girl, Alexandra and he will confront his own ghosts. In the meanwhile a fire turns Athens into a living hell…

1.75GB | 1h 51mn | 720×574 | mkv



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