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Les Blank – Spend It All (1972)

Spend it All is one of those films that makes you happy that Blank had a camera and decided to walk outside on those days and point it at things. What he captures is so real, so vivid, raw, visceral, and alive. The vibrancy of the people and the palpableness of the subtle wonders of regular things seeps through that gives this film a thick flavor of life in cajun country; richly mingled with horses and livestock, catching crawdads in the creek with your dad, the smell of freshly cut grass, horse races on a dirt track, live radio broadcasts of a local cajun fiddle player, the whiskey flowin a might regular. This is good, country livin’, simple, unfettered and borderline ecstatic.

Blank documents the creole people of Cajun country, Lousiana. They explore the food, go fishin’, shuck shrimp, and have some barn dances. If you haven’t seen it, you ain’t seen nothing like it on film before.

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