2001-2010António-Pedro VasconcelosDramaPortugalThriller

António-Pedro Vasconcelos – Os Imortais AKA The Imortals (2003)

Antonio-Pedro Vasconcelos’ Os Imortais (The Immortals) ironically opens with a funeral. The last of the immortals is present among the crowd, the others having died or disappeared over the years. The man being buried, however, is the policeman who found out about the criminal secrets of the immortals. This is an intriguing start for a mediocre film, in which this tongue-in-cheek sort of cleverness is reserved for the opening scene only. The “immortals” are a group of Portuguese war veterans who earned their title in the colonial wars in Africa in the early 1970s. When Portuguese East Africa became Mozambique, they returned to their fatherland only to feel left out and misunderstood. The soldiers were trained to not feel pain and not fear death and through their gruelling experiences this has become their second nature, a nature which is completely useless now in the streets of civilised Portugal. Every year, they come together for a week of remembering their past experiences and giving in to the urges of their second nature. For their week out in 1985, they organise a bank robbery that should have been a piece of cake but does not go entirely as planned. An almost retired police officer called Joaquim (Nicolau Breyner) stumbles across the innocent beginning of the case: one of the five immortals has chosen a stripper to accompany him on the week to the beaches of the Algarve where the robbery is planned, but she refuses to go with him and he slaps her in the face. She files a complaint of abuse and attempt to abduct her with Joaquim’s colleague, who is all set to replace Joaquim when he retires. Joaquim decides to investigate the case for himself in his spare time and soon finds out about the existence of the “Imortais” and becomes fascinated with them, partly because he has lost a son of his own in the African wars. The man who tried to pick up the stripper is Roberto Alua (Joaquim de Almeida) and he is now in desperate need of a woman since it is a habit of the immortals to bring a woman each and indulge in a week of sea, sand and sex besides their criminal activities. When Roberto is about to phone his accomplices to tell them he has no girl, he spots the smoking hot French lady Madeleine Durand (Emmanuelle Seigner, Roman Polanski’s wife) and decides she must be that girl. Joaquim, with the benefit of his entire career experience, is soon on the trail of this gang, though he is unfortunately not fast enough to prevent some nasty things from happening. A relationship of fascination and repulsion will grow between Roberto and Joaquim…

+Includes Director’s Commentary track (no subtitles available)

2.08GB | 2h 08m | 704×552 | mkv


Subtitles:Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

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