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Haro Senft – Ein Tag mit dem Wind AKA A Day with the Wind (1979)

This is the fairy tale of someone who went out in search of a rabbit and discovered the world along the way. So a children’s fairy tale? A fairy tale for adults about a child. Or about the happiness that a child can still conquer while we have blocked our way there. That we might still be able to conquer if we regain the belief that it is not lost forever. A film about paradise rediscovered? No, from the hope that paradise was never entirely lost. The film begins with eight-year-old Marcel waking up after his father has run away and his mother is spending the night with her boyfriend. The boy makes his own breakfast and feeds the rabbit that is camping in the old cot. A child left alone in a world they trust.

The director Haro Senft met his main actor Marcel Maillard one day on the streets playing with stones. This film is a fairy tale for grown-ups and children and a pleading for childlike experiences and curiosity. The experiences of the child are shown with a true sincerity and beauty.

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