1961-1970ExperimentalGregory J. MarkopoulosUSA

Gregory J. Markopoulos – Himself as Herself (1967)

One of the most vertiginous of Markopoulos’s interior landscape studies, Himself as Herself is based loosely on Balzac’s Séraphita. The film consists of a shimmering, nearly plotless evocation of gender identity in flux, and it contains some of Markopoulos’s most haunting, densely interlaced images. Markopoulos portrays a hermaphrodite body, its movements, postures and gestures or expressions, a study of a highly stylized inner landscape that takes Bresson’s ideals to their ultimate conclusions. This film is dedicated to the American artist Emlen Pope Etting and features a musical excerpt from Poulenc’s “Gloria.”

Terrible blown out audio and lighting.

1.02GB | 1h 00m | 1280×720 | mkv


Language(s):No dialogue

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  1. Thank you friends for the Markopoulos film (“Himself as Herself”). I’m very happy. I know how difficult it is to get them. Sincerely

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