1961-1970DramaExperimentalFranceHenry Chapier

Henry Chapier – Sex-Power and Un été américain (1970)

Sex-Power (L’homme coeur) is a film about what happens when imagination takes over. It is the story of a boy (Alain Noury) in search of himself and of the real meaning of freedom: a twenty-year-old face to face with Woman, with Love.His emotional education takes place between two journeys: a solitary trip across America -in the grip of the hippie myth- and a long oneiric odyssey on the part of the hero, who lets his mind dwell at length on the temptation provided by women other than the one who loves him. So Alain is torn by an emotional reality -his relationship with Jane (Jane Birkin)- and the wanderings of his youthful imagination. The journey that takes him from California to a desert that could be the Sahara -is it rela or imaginary? The women he dreams of -do they exist only in his mind or do they represent real encounters? Sex Power shows that … and adventure has no real existence: as you come nearer, it drifts further away…The ideal of symbolic women in the film are presented in the guise of characters of legend: Bernadette Lafont is Salome, Elga Andersen is Lorelei, and Juliette Villard takes up the tradition of the femme fatale.And where is Alain at the end of his real and imaginary journeys? Sex Power provides no cut-and-dried answer, but leaves the question open; but it makes it clear that one must learn to make the most of promises and happiness, and discover, through being faithful in love, something even more valuable- how to be true to oneself

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  1. it should be with language – english – french – german – I couldn´t chosse it in the movie + subtitles are only hardcoded – included – so I can´t translate them

    Could you please try to find subtitles for translation ??

    Thank you

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