1961-1970ArthouseAsianJapanKoji Wakamatsu

Koji Wakamatsu – Shinjuku Mad (1970)

Shinjuku Mad is about a desperate father’s search for the killer of his son. The father has rushed from the countryside to comb the seamy, filthy gutters and alleys of Tokyo. He meets some no-good, pot-smoking, guitar-playing, orgy-having hippies who knew his son but just won’t cooperate. Eventually, he discovers that “Shinjuku Mad” killed his son for the sake of some social revolution. The father tracks down the man and his group — if he can’t get a satisfactory answer as to why his son was killed, he wants to at least understand the “revolution” that claimed his son’s life.

0.99GB | 1h 06m | 672×328 | mkv



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