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Roy William Neill – The Woman in Green (1945)

A 1945 American Sherlock Holmes film starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson, with Hillary Brooke as the woman of the title and Henry Daniell as Professor Moriarty. The film is not credited as an adaptation of any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes tales, but several of its scenes are taken from “The Final Problem” and “The Adventure of the Empty House.” The Woman in Green is the eleventh film of the Rathbone/Bruce series.

Sherlock Holmes investigates when young women around London turn up murdered, each with a finger severed off. Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot.

Sherlock Holmes The Woman in Green.1945.BDRip-AVC.mkv

Container: Matroska
Runtime: 1 h 7 min
Size: 1.46 GiB
Codec: x264
Resolution: 768x576 
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Bit rate: 2 689 kb/s
BPP: 0.254
#1: English 2.0ch AC-3 @ 192 kb/s
#2: English 2.0ch AC-3 @ 192 kb/s (Commentary)




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