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Louis Feuillade – Les vampires (1915)

François Massarelli (google translate) wrote:
Philippe Guérande (Edouard Mathé), reporter for the “Mondial”, fights a merciless fight against the band of criminals Les Vampires. He is helped in this by his friend Oscar-Cloud Mazamette (Marcel Levesque), a former member of the gang whom he persuaded to follow the right path and who is very devoted to him. He spares no effort to counter the actions of the Great Vampire, the leader of the gang (Jean Aymé), Irma Vep (Musidora), the muse of criminals, or even Satanas (Louis Leubas), a dangerous manipulator of explosives, and Vénénos (Frédérick Moriss), the “master of poisons”…

François Massarelli (google translate) wrote:
Les Vampires is not the first French serial: Victorin-Hyppolite Jasset had made, for the Eclair company, “episode films”, as they said then, devoted to the adventures of Nick Carter (1908). With the Zigomar series (1912), he had taken his experimentation a little further by focusing not on a vigilante but on a band of criminals. The heroine of Protéa (1913) was a woman, Josette Andriot embodied a detective gifted in disguise. It is very likely that the start of the first film adapted from Fantômas was made in 1913 under the conscious influence of Jasset, but within the more conservative and respectable framework of Gaumont: any highlighting of crimes or criminals was excluded… After the success of Les Fantômas, and the five films made in 1913 and 1914 (for which the start of sequels had been abandoned because of the war), Les Vampires this time represents a conscious and vaguely opportunistic attempt to capitalize on the success of the serial. In particular at this time, the noble Gaumont tried to compete with the plebeian Pathé which then distributed American soap operas (The Perils of Pauline distributed in France after the success of the Fantômas films). But to go further, the baroque side of Jasset’s films, the depiction of an extended band of criminals united in crime, with their hierarchy and their taste for arms, the most diverse techniques on the one hand and the will to give an important role to a woman (as had been done in Protea) on the other hand certainly played a role in the conception of the Vampires.

Episode 1. La tete coupee (13 nov. 1915).mkv

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#1:  	2.0ch FLAC @ 530 kb/s (Music (Eric Le Guen))’evasion_du_mort_(28_janv._1916).mkv’homme_des_poisons_(2_juin_1916).mkv

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