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Zivojin Pavlovic – Nasvidenje v naslednji vojni AKA Farewell until the Next War (1980)

“[…] by far the most ambitious, honest, bitter, and controversial Partisan film produced in the country that was about the collapse in flames and genocide only a decade later. Based on an equally uncompromising novel by Vitomil Zupan, the enfant terrible of Yugoslav literature, Farewell until the Next War continues the comprehensive deconstruction and demythologization of the official narrative of Partisan heroism, initiated by Pavlović three years earlier with Manhunt.” Jurij Meden, in: Retrospective o partigiano! Pan-European Partisan Film, Austrian Film Museum & Viennale, 2019.

With its critical and direct message about the senselessness of war, Farewell until the Next War – a film of lavish production, long takes, close-ups, and details that possess symbolic value – focuses on a chance encounter between a former Partisan and a German soldier, which triggers a series of flashbacks to the time of not only the struggle against the occupiers but also the fratricidal war. The more liberal critics labelled this anti-war drama as the end of Partisan film, while the official reviews were extremely harsh. Today, the work ranks among the most remarkable achievements of Slovenian cinema.

Nasvidenje v naslednji vojni (1980) Zivojin Pavlovic 576p.mkv

Container:  	Matroska
Runtime: 	1 h 58 min
Size: 	2.66 GiB
Codec: 	x264
Resolution: 	960x576 
Aspect ratio:  	5:3
Frame rate: 	24.000 fps
Bit rate: 	3 000 kb/s
BPP: 	0.226
#1:  	Slovenian 2.0ch AC-3 @ 224 kb/s




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