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Zebedy Colt & Howard North – The Devil Inside Her (1977)

A mind-blowing, demon-infested tale of incestuous mayhem! Zebedy Colt plays a puritanistic farmer who rules over his family with an iron hand. He sadistically punishes his daughters, attempting to repress their sexual urges.

The film is set in England in 1826. Faith loves the gardener Joseph, but her father forbids it. Faith’s sister Hope lusts after Joseph and sells her souls to the Devil to get Jospeh for herself. Zebedy Colt was the director of several truly depraved porno roughies including “Sex Wish” and “Unwilling Lovers”.”The Devil Inside Her” is also a pretty twisted film with rather interesting plot. The location sets are great as they add to the overall mood of the film. So if you enjoyed “Sex Wish” or Alex De Renzy’s “Femmes de Sade” you may give this porno horror a try.

Total Streams: 2
Running Time: 1:09:12
Index Chunk: Yes
Interleaved: Yes
Max Bytes Per Sec: 0
AUDIO: 0 - MP3 (0x55)
Average Bitrate Per Sec: 96 kb/s
Samples Rate: 32000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits Per Sample: 0
SuggestedBufferSize: 6048
Sample Size: 432
Variable Bitrate: No
B-VOP: Yes
QuarterPixel: No
Frame Size: 592 x 448
Frames Rate: 23.976
Color Depth: 12
Total Frames: 99571
SuggestedBufferSize: 58156




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