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David Gregory – The Godfathers of Mondo (2003)

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This concise documentary, available only in Blue Underground’s Mondo Cane Collection box set, offers unique insight into an area of cinema with which few historians would ever bother. It does so by telling the story of Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, a pair of filmmakers whose desire to create an “anti-documentary” that explored hidden truths led to the creation of the exploitation film world’s most notorious bastard child — the “mondo” film. Any good documentary lives or dies by its subject matter, and director David Gregory hits pay dirt with his subjects here — Jacopetti and Prosperi are intelligent, feisty, and compelling storytellers. Their claims of intellectual and moral purity don’t always stick, especially when juxtaposed with the often salacious imagery of their films, but they are never at a loss for eye-opening tales about their work. Gregory adds further interesting shadings to the story by allowing the two to periodically contradict each other’s version of the facts and by also incorporating input from film journalists like David Kerekes to put it all in perspective. To sum up, The Godfathers of Mondo is a provocative, informative glimpse into outsider filmmaking at its most extreme and well worth a look for cinematic curiosity seekers.

The Godfathers of Mondo.mkv

Container:	Matroska
Runtime:	1h 29mn
Size:	1.28 GiB
DXVA:	Compatible
Minimum settings:	Not met
Codec:	x264
Resolution:	716x468 ~> 832x468
Aspect ratio:	16:9
Frame rate:	29.970 fps
Bit rate:	1 817 Kbps
Italian 2.0ch AC-3 @ 192 Kbps



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