1961-1970Claude Autant-LaraComedyFrance

Claude Autant-Lara – Vive Henri IV… vive l’amour! (1961)

In his 56th year, King Henri IV, Count of Navarre, is having problems with his wife, Marie de Medicis. Marie has many reasons to be jealous of the king’s two mistresses, Jacqueline de Bueil and Henriette d’Entrague, particularly as the latter has borne him children. One day, Henri makes a big decision. He will put a definitive end to his amorous liaisons and instead live a more quiet life. Alas, the king’s resolutions never last long. At a dance organised by the queen, Henri cannot help noticing the ravishing Charlotte de Montmorency. Although Charlotte is officially engaged to a man named Bassompierre, the king is determined to take her as his mistress and contrives a plan. He will invite Bassompierre to marry another lady, which he surely cannot refuse to do if he is to remain faithful to the king. He will then marry Charlotte to the Prince de Condé, a young man who prefers horses to women. Henri is sure that Condé will have no objection to him making overtures to his wife. Even a king can make mistakes…


Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
Size : 958 Mb
Runtime : 1h 37mn
Débit global moyen : 1 378 Kbps
Application utilisée : Lavf52.78.4
Format d'origine/Nom : VIVE_H



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