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Hara Yoshihiro – Ishoku Manga-shi 33-nen no Kiseki ~ Garo no Jidai o Yomu (1997)

Garo (ガロ) was a monthly manga anthology magazine in Japan, founded in 1964 by Katsuichi Nagai. It specialized in alternative and avant-garde manga.

Snippet of an ArtReview article about a show featuring Yumura Teruhiko AKA King Terry:
Back in the posthippy, prepunk early 1970s in Japan, Yumura Teruhiko was the trailblazer of a consciously raw, handmade and apparently craftless graphic style, for which he coined the term ‘heta-uma’, broadly ‘unskilled-skilled’, or ‘bad but good’. Rejecting the period’s empty polish and inhuman perfectionism, ‘heta-uma’ was a much-needed injection of Pop art brut. Yumura rejoiced in exuberant scrawling and collage, often embracing yet subverting imported American ideals from romance comics or musclebuilding adverts. Under the mock-Westernised pen names ‘Terry Johnson’ or ‘King Terry’ from ‘Tokyo Funky Studio’, his covers and comics appeared in the monthly manga magazine Garo. Founded in 1964, this peaked at around 80,000 copies (still very modest compared to massmarket titles) as an influential though unpaid outlet for politically and socially engaged comics creators. But by the dawn of the 1970s its role and relevance began to change amid the decline in student activism and Japan’s accelerating economic boom. Yumura’s radical artwork heralded Garo’s shift towards artists eager to express themselves through highly idiosyncratic .styles and narratives, like Nemoto Takashi’s delirious ‘ero-guro’ or erotic grotesque faragos, and Shiriagari Kotobuki’s Zen-like absurdism. Nemoto hailed Yumura: “He opened many doors and allowed in artists who were not very strong technically but had a soul to express.”

Rejecting the period’s empty polish and inhuman perfectionism, ‘heta-uma’ – translated as ‘bad but good’ – was a much-needed injection of Pop art brut

(1997) Garo documentary.avi

Container:  	AVI
Runtime: 	47 min 44 s
Size: 	558 MiB
Codec: 	DivX
Resolution: 	384x288 
Aspect ratio:  	4:3
Frame rate: 	29.970 fps
Bit rate: 	1 495 kb/s
BPP: 	0.451
#1:  	2.0ch MP3 @ 128 kb/s



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