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Gary Graver – Private Teacher (1983)

If you were making a movie that catered to the mature woman/younger man fantasy, you could go through the whole array of performers who have appeared in feature-length adult videos and not find anyone better to cast than the fabulous Kay Parker and a youthful Tom Byron. Luckily for us somebody did the right and logical thing here.

Tom’s aunt is Honey Wilder, another “mature” wonder. (In porno terms that means over 30.) She’s concerned about the way her nephew is behaving, locking himself in his room and not coming out. That’s because he’s spying on some neighbors across the way, two stewardesses who unwind on layovers by engaging in wild sex play. They are played by Joanna Storm and Laurie Smith, another piece of inspired (and logical) casting. An eager Paul Thomas will go along with whatever they want, including wearing a bunny suit! This does come off before any sex scene begins, be assured.

The humor here is on the loony side. It’s not classic Marx Brothers, but what do you really expect? An example: Auntie turns on the TV to find that a documentary about sex is showing. Eric Edwards is a literal talking head–and body–that comes right out of the set and illustrates hands-on what he’s been talking about. It’s so ridiculous you can’t help but be amused.

Honey hires a private tutor for her boy in hopes of bringing him out of his shell. When she arrives, Kay Parker contributes any seriousness this movie might have. She quotes Shakespeare and speaks of philosophy, and soon any trace of shyness or social awkwardness that Tom had vanishes. Their love scene is a highlight, prime rewind material.

Janey Robbins is also a welcome presence here, as a friend of Honey’s who has her own eye on sonny. This is a fun and sexy production without any weak links in the cast, and that’s not a bad deal.

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